Meet ΩTent (Omega-Tent)

Rainbow Connection Tent in a forest background with birch trees

Don't Miss Out...

We're LIVE 😱

We are beyond excited to launch our ΩTent (Omega-Tent) in 5 spectacular designs. The tent that finally gets it for a lifetime of enjoyment. 🤩

Good Times with Good inTents are around the bend because after over 2 years of product development and testing ΩTent sales went LIVE May 20th 🎉

To help you plan for your adventures and festivals, here are the dates we plan to ship our limited inventory this summer as we ramp up production:

Tier Ship Dates:
📦 SOLD OUT - Tier 1: Mid-June 2024
(Available for Electric Forest, High Sierra, July 4th)

📦 Tier 2: Late-July 2024 (
Available for Souland, Beanstalk, Mondegreen)

📦 Tier 3: Early-Aug 2024
(Available for Burning Man, Summerdance, Labor Day)

Don't miss out on your chance to own a ΩTent this year and get a taste of exceptionally comfortable camping. We've re-imagined camping and tent times - they are a-changin'🌈🏕

You may ask yourself, how did we get here?

ΩTENT Features Image

In Love


ΩTent (Omega-Tent) was created to be YOU-niquely beautiful, comfortable, and sustainibuilt.

Designed as the ultimate tent from concept through creation, we built it to withstand the 5 elements, earth, wind, fire, water and music festivals. Comfort and easy set up are just the foundation to elevated adventures with ΩTent 🌈

A photo You Enjoy My Tent with Pump on blue background

Joyous Pole-Less


When we started, making a tent that easily set up in minutes was the dream. We've all been there, it's dark, maybe rainy and now you've got to deal with poles, lots and lots of unruly poles. Who wants that? We didn't and you don't either. No Poles - Less Stress.

Unroll, inflate, and 90 seconds later, enjoy your ΩTent. Let's inflate the future together 🙂

All Green Omega Tent with focus on inflatable hinge door

Stand Tall


For maximum comfort we created an Ω arch shaped tent with a luxurious entrance. Instead of a crawl space, our magnetic and inflatable hinged door makes entry and exit a breeze. With nearly 7' tall ceilings, it's time to stand up, walk in and dance around your spacious and comfortable interior 🕺

An animated gif image showing the side of the tent and many designs is comes in.

Be The Wow


Good inTents is collaborating with artists to make our ΩTent Printed Art Canopy the most eye catching around. These printed works-of-art help you to BE YOU, BE YOUnique, BEaYOUtiful 🎨

Beyond beautiful it regulates the internal temperature of the ΩTent so inside feels cooler in the hot sun and warmer during cold night. Cool, right? 🤓

Inside an Omega Tent shows the inflatable shelves and the dog door

Unpack & Relax


Feel organized and relax with our added ΩTent inflatable shelving and forever forget how you could never find anything in a tent. Now you can put your stuff away, be more organized and less frazzled. Welcome to ΩTent Floating Shelves😎

Extra pouches and attachment loops throughout are designed to hold sunglasses, hats, lights, decorations, tissues, or whatever you can dream up. There's even a pet-door at the back 🐶 We see you.

Image of an All Green Tent with its dimensions - 9.2 feet wide by 12.8 feet deep

inTentionally Designed

Tent Specs

  • Floor Space: 81sq. ft (1-5 person tent)
  • Inner Height: 6ft 8in
  • Pack Size: 20.5 x 19.7 x 31.3
  • Packed Weight: 56lbs
  • 3 Season Tent - Tested in high winds, heavy rain, and light snow
  • Door: Magnetic inflatable hinge door
  • Superior Ventilation and Views: Multi-window construction
  • Special Features Pet Door, Storage Pockets, Accessory Loops, Lighting Sleeve, Closet
  • Inflatable Setup: Inflates in 90+ seconds
  • Insulated Design: regulates the internal temp - stay cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold
  • Canopy: 75D Ripstop rPET - 5000mm waterhead rating
  • Inner Tent: A perfect combination of 3X 150D Ripstop rPET materials to create a breathable waterproof experience
  • Tent Floor: 210D Ripstop PET - 5000mm waterhead rating
  • Recycled Materials: 95% of the tent is made with recycled materials and all coatings are C0 for the lowest possible environmental impact available today
A graphic image of a rainbow colored box with the Good inTents logo come out from the inside

All You Need

What's In The Box

  • 1 ΩTent With A Printed or Dyed Canopy
  • 1 Manual Pump
  • 1 Wheeled Carry Bag
  • 2 Packing Straps
  • 2 Canopy Ground Straps
  • 10 Guy Lines For Rough Weather
  • 26 Ground Y-Stakes
  • 1 Repair Kit (2 Buckles, 1 Ladder Lock, 1 Guy Line, Material Patches)
  • 1 Mystery Swag Bag

ΩTent are designed to be comfortable, durable and are built to last from the inside out for enjoyment over a life time ‎🌈

Photo for Daydreamin Tent on the grass with a mountain behind it

By Your Side


We have engineered and build our tents to last. To keep you dry in the rain, and cooler in the heat. We offer a world-class guarantee and customer care that will be there to help if issues arise. This is not a throwaway tent -let's reduce, remix, repair, recycle 💪

Born in Colorado, designed and tested in Colorado and Australia. We know tough environments and built ΩTent to stand up to our adventures 🌄

A photo of colorful trees in a forest

For A Lifetime

Get Your ΩTent 🤩

  • ΩTent with Printed Art: $2150
  • ΩTent with Solid Dye: $1550

We will be launching with a choice of 4 printed art designs and 1 solid color.

Payment Plans Available💗

We get it and we want to help. We're proud to be offering Shop Pay Installments powered by Affirm for ΩTent purchases. Buy Now - Pay Later - Enjoy Sooner 🙏

Enjoy exceptionally beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable camping with ΩTent this year 🌈

✨Be the Wow✨

Come on Over💚

The Buzz

Perfectly Pitched

Awesome Comfort

This is unlike any other tent I've seen before - it's GORGEOUS, comfortable (the temp regulation inside is unreal), sustainable, and easy to setup (no lie, it takes 90 SECONDS to set it up). I'm obsessed!

— Gabby

Inflating Is The Best

Joy, no poles, less stress, it's about time. Super easy and quick to setup. We love it!

— Kevin

A Much Better Festival Experience

You really knocked it out of the park and I will most certainly be purchasing one!

— Robbie

An Awesome Tent

It's an awesome tent. It's so comfortable and spacious inside. I love it!

— Brittan

Welcome To Camping Re-imagined🌈