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Hello there, BEaYOUtiful!

We are Good inTents and welcome to our dream. It's taken a lot of sweat and some tears to get here, but we could not be prouder of what we achieved in our vision to make an exceptionally comfortable tent that makes your camping experiences wonderful.

Festival, Forest, Family, or Fun we have you covered with clever and intentional designs that let you inflate your tent in just a couple of minutes, without the nightmare of poles. You know, we've all been there, poles suck, so we said no more, we all deserve better. So, we got rid of the poles to make your camping adventure faster, easier, and less stressful, so you can enjoy it more.

We founded Good inTents on JOY. We loveΒ going to festivals, exploring nature, and hanging with family and friends in beautiful spaces, but we wanted to love it more. So one day our founder, Danielle Williams got the brilliant idea to re-imagine camping to beΒ Exceptionally Beautiful, Comfortable & Sustainable.

And with that she got started! Luckily, she is a mechanical engineer and has tons of experience with manufacturing and CMF (color, material, finish), so she got to work and Good inTents was born.

Two years later she had assembled a world-class team from across the globe to deliver this re-imagined and elevated camping experience. We look forward to welcoming you to the Good inTents Campground. We consider you our friends, fam, and valued customers and we are so grateful for YOU. We can't wait to see how our tent inspires you in all the places you will go.

✨Be the Wow✨

Good inTents

Leadership Team

Welcome to the inflatable realm where innovation meets excellence. Joining forces for good, our world-class leadership team is the collective force driving the vision, success, and magic at Good inTents.

Together, they lead a diverse ensemble of talented individuals, each contributing their expertise to delivering exceptionally beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable camping solutions.

Danielle Williams, the Founder & CEO of Good inTents holding her award for Good Business Colorado's Outstanding Award for Woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for her exceptional contributions to the industry.

Founder & CEO


I love to energize others so they can create a joyous life that they are proud ofπŸ’– I love to create through engineering and art. I love music and dancing and spreading loving kindness to ease pain. Good inTents is my dream and I am so grateful to be on this adventureπŸ™ I wanted to revolutionize camping with beautiful re-imagined tents and years later we have created an exceptional tent that I am beyond proud of. My personal emoji 🌈

Chief Operating Officer


I love the outdoors and here in Colorado we certainly have a lot to explore. Getting out to nature is so inspiring and when I was asked to join Good inTents I jumped on it. Now I get to help tons of people enjoy extraordinarily comfortable camping. My personal emoji 🌱

Chief Revenue Officer

David Kaye

From the moment I saw the tent inflate, I was hooked. The Printed Art Canopy is just wow. Having worked with Danielle prior, I'm excited to have joined Good inTents. Bringing joy to millions of people is what I love best in business and the world. Let's inflate the future together. And if you can, please save a giraffe from extinction. My personal emoji 🀟

Community & Collab Manager


I'm all about bringing people together and having a blast. I love organizing and hosting Good inTents events, from local markets to epic festivals, with our awesome tents. I love seeing how happy and impressed everyone is. I also manage our partnerships with vendors, artists, and sponsors to create memorable experiences with diverse audiences. My personal emoji 🀘

Good inTents

Good Karma

We believe in the power of karma to shape individual actions and the collective destiny of our company and the world.

Our drive revolves around the principle of creating positive ripple effects through every aspect of our work. From sourcing sustainably to fostering a culture of kindness, we strive to cultivate a cycle of goodwill that extends far beyond our immediate sphere.

Every decision is an opportunity to sow seeds of positivity and reap the rewards of a more harmonious and equitable future.



Good inTents sets the standard for excellence in outdoor experiences. With a name that embodies our commitment to quality and integrity, we strive to exceed expectations at every turn. From the materials we use in crafting our tents to the personalized service we provide to our customers; excellence is not just a goal but a guiding principle.

Our dedication to ensuring that each adventure embarked upon with a Good inTent is one of comfort, reliability, and unforgettable enjoyment. Join us in elevating the bar for outdoor camping – because when it comes to quality, they should call us Great inTents.

One World


Good inTents embraces the principle of one world inclusiveness, where every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, is welcomed and valued. Our mission is to create outdoor experiences that foster connection, understanding, and unity among people, community and nature.

Through our commitment to inclusivity, we strive to ensure that everyone feels empowered to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. We believe that nature is a common ground that unites us all.

Join us as we pave the way towards a more inclusive and harmonious world, one tent at a time.

πŸ₯³ Be YOU-nique

An Ξ©Tent enable self-expression by turning your tent into a masterpiece infused with art. Standout at a festival, blend into the forest, inspire an epic experience everywhere you go. And since you can switch out the Printed Art Canopy to match your vibe or the occasion the future of camping looks good on you.

😊 Be Comfortable

Our airframe designs inflates in just a couple of minutes, which means you have more time for fun, and less time messing with poles. The patent pending design actively lowers the interior temperature, ensuring you stay cool even during the hottest days. And that same insulation effect keeps you warm at night.

πŸ€” Be Thoughtful

Having a great time matters and that's always better with a lower impact on the planet. An Ξ©Tent is crafted from recycled fabrics, diverting nearly 300 plastic bottles from landfills. And to do more good in the world, with each sale we donate funds to a nonprofit working to make the world a better place.

🀠 Be Upstanding

We have engineered our tents to make your experiences better. We are tired of crawling into tents, so our patent pending inflatable hinged door, exclusive to Good inTents, makes entry and exit a breeze. And once inside the nearly seven-foot-tall ceiling, and additional Inflatable Shelving will have you dancing in your tent.

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Good inTents will be growing and hiring a diverse group of people who are passionate about experiences and helping people enjoy life more.